Emergency Generator Installation

Emergency Generator Installation

Emergency generator installation has a number of factors that go into consideration when trying to determine the cost.

1) What type of generator is it? Is it natural gas or diesel?

2) How big is the generator? Not just physically, but also in terms of power.

3) Where will the generator be placed?

4) What special equipment will be required?

Let’s look a little further at each of the details of your emergency generator installation.

The type of generator plays an important role in the cost of your installation. A natural gas generator will generally cost just a little more than a diesel generator to install. This is because diesel generators generally have the fuel tank built in to the bottom of the unit. A natural gas generator, on the other hand, will require additional fuel piping. In addition, you could need extra gas valves and possibly even another meter. All of this will play a role in the cost of your install.

The size of the generator will also be factor. The bigger the unit, the more that likely has to be done for the install. This could include laying a concrete pad. And while the physical size will definitely make a difference, the power output will also play a major role. The larger the unit, the bigger the cables…the bigger the cables, the bigger the expense!

Where the generator is placed will definitely play a role as well. Generally speaking, the closer to the meter base for your incoming electrical service, the better for your bank account. This minimizes the amount of cabling, as well as the labor required to run it.

Finally, you should take into account any special equipment required. Generators are heavy, and usually require some form of equipment to put it in place. At Emergency Standby Power, we have our own crane truck that we use for this purpose. Should that not be enough, you would be looking at a large crane rental, and with it, a large rental fee!

The factors above certainly don’t cover every cost related to your emergency generator installation. They should give you a good idea of what to expect. Other costs may also be there, such as permits from the city or county.

The only way to get an accurate idea of what your cost will be, is for the installer to physically visit the installation site to assess what will be required. Anyone who tells you otherwise has either not done installations, or is hoping to tell you anything they can to get the job.

Give ESP a call and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a detailed quote and explain the options for your emergency generator installation!