Fuel Testing

Emergency Standby Power - Fuel TestingGenerator Fuel Testing

Checking a generator’s fuel delivery system periodically is an important aspect of generator maintenance.  Common problems with generators are:

  • Stored diesel fuel will deteriorate over time
  • Sludge and water will accumulate on the bottom of the tank, and rust can form on the sides
  • Bacteria and fungus will grow in the fuel itself

Emergency Standby Power offers comprehensive diesel fuel testing.

Fuel maintenance is also an important aspect of generator maintenance. Gasoline and diesel fuel
degrade over time, separating and even growing micro-biological organisms. The fuel tank should
be equipped with a plug or valve which allows the water to be drained from the tank periodically. A
fuel sample, taken from the bottom and from the supply line, should be visually examined monthly.
The fuel should look like new fuel; otherwise it should be filtered or replaced.  Fuel tanks should be sized so that the fuel is turned over on a regular basis. A proper fuel maintenance program is important.